Vesting Deeds - Lot Book Reports - Chain of Title Reports - Transaction History and Marital Property Reports

Vesting Deed Service for verification of ownership and legal descriptions. Upon request the Vesting Deed Service can also include a check of foreclosure activity by senior lienholders.

The subject property is searched to locate the current Vesting Deed or any other specifically requested documents which can then be either emailed, faxed or mailed to you along with a profile of the property.

We currently provide service in most U.S. counties starting at $20.00 per search.


We offer an attractive alternative to costly Preliminary Title Reports.

An uninsured Real Estate Lot Book Report to confirm ownership and encumbrances can be provided to you for as little as $150.00. (Discounts for Homeowner's Associations may apply).

Our reports provide information concerning matters of public record affecting the subject property, including the following:

  • Ownership Vesting
  • Open Deeds of Trust
  • Homeowner's Association Liens
  • Tax Liens
  • Mechanics Liens
  • Abstracts of Judgment
  • Notices of Pending Action
  • Notices of Completion
  • Property Tax Status
  • Property Characteristics

Copies of all related documents referenced in each report are provided at no additional charge.

A Real Estate Lot Book Report provides current ownership and encumbrances rather than a transactional history.

NOTE: We do not provide Title Insurance. This is a research service only. See DISCLAIMER.

Chain of Title Reports provide a history of Deeds and Leases for any requested period of time. Typed report or documents only.

(No Typed Report)

A Real Estate Title Search Package provides a transactional history of documents recorded affecting a specific parcel of property for any requested period of time.

For Search Packages, actual documents are provided. No report is typed.

For a typed Report providing current ownership and encumbrances rather than a transactional history, see Lot Book Reports.

Marital Property Reports are a combination of a Lot Book Report and a Transaction History.
The Lot Book Report provides information regarding current ownership and monetary liens.
The transaction history provides copies of all transactions from the time the family members originally
came into title through the current date.

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